Pacco Baby

PB Women

PB women are very talented, hard working and patient artists at the age of 22-65.

A young girl called Yasemin, knitted the first toys of the brand, who is diagnosed with autism at the age of 3.

Pacco Baby started to work with a little group in Istanbul and Mardin, after a little while the collection and the story of the brand was so much loved and appreciated so it got bigger and bigger over time.

Now Pacco Baby has a very big family in all over Turkey, over 300 talented women, producing a large collecion lovely hand knitted creations. 

PB Women create non-stop, first for themselves, and than for their children and their family. Some are talented at knitting toys, some crocheting blankets. Pacco Baby’s aim is always to find the lovely ladies who always creates, cares, and shares…

Pacco Baby is a very big, prouded, all-female, social, sustainable, awarded entrepreneurship.

Happiness comes from producing and sharing will spread everywhere with Pacco Baby’s butterfly effect. 

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