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Initiative Supporting Women’s Employment Award To Pacco Baby

Pacco Baby ‘Initiative Supporting Women’s Employment’ Award

Pacco Baby Was Awarded the ‘Initiative Supporting Women’s Employment’ Award
Pacco Baby, which prepares hand-knitted mother & baby products for Anatolian women and young people with disabilities who cannot work from Mardin to Istanbul due to their age, health and special condition, was awarded the ‘Initiative Supporting Women’s Employment’ award by All of them Here.

Within the scope of the second Retail Innovation Forum & Awards 2018 organized by Capital and Economist Magazine, “Entrepreneurial Women E-Commerce” category was awarded to “All of them here are Entrepreneurial Women Special Technology Power Awards”.

The “Entrepreneur who Supports Women’s Employment” award, which has pioneered social and economic change with the idea of an enterprise created by her, was awarded to Gulchin Kolip with the Pacco Baby brand.

Innovative, inspiring women entrepreneurs entrepreneurs entrepreneurs awards the titles supporting women’s employment in the Turkish market, non-inspired by the trends in the world that has developed products to the Turkish market, offering Rua Pelin if press YUYU brand “Innovative Woman Entrepreneur” Award.

Ayşe Korkmaz Soğancı won the “Inspiring Entrepreneur” award, which is an example for entrepreneurs who have not yet participated in the production economy, and Ayşe Korkmaz Soğancı won with the Bridal Hair Accessory brand.

Hepsiburada entrepreneurial women to the power of technology with the program to participate in the digital economy by providing women entrepreneurs in Turkey since May 2017, the event under “Hepsiburada Enterprising Women Awards with” women entrepreneurs rewards. Pacco Baby was also included in All of Here’s Entrepreneurial Women’s Technology Power Program.

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